Sunday, November 23, 2014

1112. The cleaner at One Fullerton burst out laughing loudly

On Nov 22, 2014, I went to the bathroom in One Fullerton. The slim cleaning lady in white blouse and black slacks advised me to put salt on my limping right lady to cure myself. "I have the oil from Japan," I showed her the bottle and she was satisfied.

"You look very young, without a strand of white hair," I said. "Yet you had lost some of your front teeth."

"I am 67 years old," she replied. "I do not dye my head black as my hairs are not greying. Unfortunately, I lost my teeth as I binged on chocolates after I retired. Day and night, I ate chocolates. My son bought chocolates when he came back from Australia. I was so fat that I had difficulty breathing and walking!."

I was most impressed at her losing so much weight. Now she is so slim that she would be a model for the advertisers of slimming saloons. But none would use senior citizens as advertising models as they prefer young celebrities.

The cleaning lady had Indian-Chinese parents and looked very much sun-tanned. She had worked as a happy cleaner foe the past 3 years and was chatty with anyone who would take the time to talk. Her old boss had referred her to this job. At 2.30 am, her husband of 75 years would drive by to take her home while she started work at 6.30 pm in this One Fullerton place, facing the Marina Bay Sands.

"So you walked like a duck when you ate too much chocolates," I demonstrated with my legs stretched out sideways and my left hand on my sore left hips. I was much surprised when she burst out laughing out loudly. It is always good to connect with the service providers and make them appreciated as the cleaning service line can be quite boring and repetitive. 


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