Friday, November 14, 2014

1104. An 8-year-old Shih Tzu vomits after eating and drinking

TP 45665

"My dog did eat a squarish piece of bone," the lady owner told me it was around 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm. The dog had been vomiting after eating and drinking during the past 3 days.

There was sore throat but no abdominal pain. X-rays were taken. There could be a bone fragment but it was not obvious in the intestinal tract full of gas.

The owner did not want a blood test which would be very useful in finding a cause. She just wanted the dog treated. I put the dog on a IV drip with antibiotics and anti-spasomgesic for one day. The dog went back the next day with I/D canned food and medication.


I did a blood test which showed a blood borne bacterial infection with total white cell count 26.9 (6-17), neutrophils 89% (60-70) and absolute neutrophil numbers 23.94 (3-11.5).

Liver enzymes were up. SGPT 109 (less than 59), SGOT 111 (less than 81).

Phoned 15.11.14. No more vomiting. The owner was quite happy. 

Based on the blood evidence, the cause of vomiting could be due to hepatitis and gastritis due to swallowing of a piece of bone. After 2 days, the dog started vomiting again. The dog had diarrhoea. According to the owner, the dog did not eat the squarish bone but ate other small bone fragments.

It is best to diagnosed based on medical evidence of blood test but many Singapore owners do not want to pay for the test.

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