Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Singapore stories. Mr Han goes to Phuket

Oct 30, 2014

Mr Han goes to Phuket today. His boss Joe asked me to a farewell breakfast at the usual food court. Mr Han had his laksa while Joe, for the first time, order beef ball and fish ball soup noodles. "I have never seen you order this dish," Mr Han commented. "Usually it is laksa and you drink all the gravy!"
I ordered the chee chiong fun with sesame seed and sweet sauce at $1.60.

I thought yesterday's breakfast was the last till Mr Han comes back from Phuket on Tuesday. As he had to go for his routine blood test for diabetes yesterday, he did not eat breakfast and was grouchy. He was at the food court and dozed off. The hawker lady from China, selling laksa, came to the table and curled her right index finger, indicating that Mr Han must have passed away. This was her sense of humour learnt from Joe.

After the breakfast today, Joe said I should take a photo of Mr Han as the "last" image.. In case his plane crashed. "It is best not to say such things," I tried to educate Joe who has this type of humour.
Yesterday Joe was on the same topic of plane crash and asked Mr Han to visit him after the crash and let him know he had come from heaven or hell. "Is there such a place as heaven or hell?" Joe asked.

"There is a supernatural but you need to encounter to believe," I narrated a story of my client who asked me to help her design a logo. Blood spots appeared on the table and draft logo papers when the design was not satisfactory to "datuk". A Caucasian employee had brought in a draft logo on his own initiative and designed by somebody while I was in the room. Blood spots appeared in this draft logo paper. Finally, there was a draft logo design done by me and the client with no appearance of blood and this would be deemed approved.  

"I am more the scientific-evidence type and this encounter would be hard for anyone to believe," I said to the two senior citizens. "I don't believe if I have not witnessed this event."

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