Monday, October 13, 2014

1077. What makes a wedding dinner interesting?

aSunday Oct 12, 2014

I attended a unique wedding dinner on Sunday Oct 12, 2014.

A wedding dinner can be interesting if there are some elements of entertainment and audience education. It is like a movie with a compelling story.

1. A bride in white with bridegroom enters the hotel and walk in the central walkway.
2. Stage - cage cutting action
3. Couple returns to stage for champagne pouring.
4. Later, bride in red gown with groom enters the hotel and walks the central walkway
5. Family on stage to say "cheers" once or "yam sing" 3 times.
6. Walk round tables and photography of each group by couple. The photographer was not present for my table for some unknown reason. I don't get to see the couple too. There were 70 tables and I was was the bridegroom father's friend.

At the end of dinner, photos of diners were printed on the spot and handed out to the guests. This was unique service not present in other weddings.

SCREENS on the left and right showed the history of the couple. Unfortunately, the screen does not show the actions on the stage when there is "cheers" as there seem to be no projection from this top hotel in Singapore. The screens display the slides which had already been viewed.

STORY TELLING BY COUPLE AND THE BRIDE'S FRIEND. At least 5 minutes per person. Interesting anecdotes of the couple's life. Public declaration of love and thanks to parents.


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