Monday, September 1, 2014

Air urocytogram is useful -- Shih Tzu dribbles urine for the past 7 months

Sep 1, 2014

"Vet 1 didn't advise anything," the owner said that his 7-year-old male shih tzu had dribbled urine for the past 7 months but could not pee today.
"X-ray is necessary," the owner did not want blood tests. "Urine test too."

Bladder swollen as big as a mango, indicating urethral obstruction.
A narrower cathether could be passed in. Yellowish urine flowed out and also dribbled out.
After emptying the bladder fully, the cathether was taken out. Around 30 ml of air was pumped and the dog was X-rayed 30 minutes later.

An air urocystogram makes it easier to differentiate between the bladder and prostate and to see the thickened bladder wall and any calculus or uroliths.

I asked my assistant to drain the urine, pumped in 30 ml of air.
A 74-year-old vet who visited me was quite impressed with seeing the thickened bladder wall.


The dog's urine was positive for amorphous phosphate crystals. pH = 7.0. Blood present.
Acidurin tablets were given as an alternative to surgery. These were used to dissolve the stones. As at 7 days after prescription, no complaint of urethral obstruction.

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