Saturday, September 20, 2014

1507. A 5-year-old Chow Chow suddenly had fits and salivation

Saturday Sep 20, 2014

A female non-spayed Chow Chow came in recumbent, shaking all over the body and salivating thick sticky saliva. "These fits happened only 15 minutes ago. What is the cause? Can you do something to stop the fits"

I checked her medical records. No fits before. I gave IM 5mg diazepam. The dog stopped shaking one hour later. She was very thin and full of scales and oily skin. Her eyes had rolled in eyelids and were sticky with lots of pus. IV drip and medication were given. Blood test done.

Today, the dog had recovered and was eating. The whole body would be clipped and a bath given. Ears irrigated, nails clipped. The owner did not want entropion surgery.


Mar 12, 2013. Skin disease and 6-month haematuria. Demodectic mange and ringworm.
Total white cell count 19.8  (6-17)
Neutrophils 82.5%  (60-70%)    Abs  16.34  (3-12)
Platelet clumping noted but within normal range.

Sep 9, 2014  Fits and salivation. Recumbent. Sudden onset.

Total white cell count 28.8  (6-17)
Neutrophils 90%  (60-70%)    Abs  25.92  (3-12)
Platelet within normal range.

Glucose  0.9  (3.9 - 6.0). Query glycolysis. Suggests to repeat.

Hypoglycaemic fits likely. No complaint of polydipsia, polyphagia and polyuria.
In fact, the dog is very thin. Skin diseases generalised, with ringworm and bacteria. The dog has recovered fully now.

A Chow Chow needs much more care than a Jack Russell. Skin diseases may need monthly reviews.
Most owners have no time. So the bacteria multiplies and infect the blood stream leading to a big increase in neutrophils which are white blood cells produced in large numbers to combat the bacterial invasion.  Medical costs of treatment will be high.

Entropion is quite common in Chow Chows. The inward rolling eyelid's eye lashes irritate the cornea, causing infection and daily pus formation. The owner does not want any surgery to evert the eyelids, resolving this problem which has persisted for the last 5 years.

If the owner does not want euthanasia, the owner needs to plan and schedule regular clipping away of the long infested patchy hairy coat with the groomer and get skin reviews with the vet.

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