Thursday, September 11, 2014

1495. A Shih Tzu put on diapers for one year

The maid stapled the diapers to make sure that the urine does not seep onto the floor. The dog came as he was not eating and was lethargic. This 11-year-old male intact Shih Tzu had been dribbling urine for one year and the diapers were the solution. The penile and preputial areas became swollen and infected. A strong urinary smell filled the air in the consultation room. The dog bit anyone who touched his belly area.

Urinary catherisation after muzzling. No urethral obstruction.



X-RAYS - bladder stones. What to do?

Spoke to owner
1.  Thought urinary incontinence - dribbling of urine was due to old age and so did not consult vet
2.  Whether bladder stone removal can cure the incontinence? he asked.  "I can't guarantee as the dog has been dribbling urine for a year.

3. Wait one week and given treatment. When appetite returns, will operate.
4. Cost of bladder stone removal and anaethesia is around $800. In-patient expenses and nursing will increase cost to $1,200 at the lowest rate.

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