Monday, September 22, 2014

1059. Continuing veterinary education

Sep 22, 2014
Attended a most interesting talk by an experienced vet.
"A new approach to utilizing lab diagnostics for the most challenging and misdiagnosed diseases"
Fred Metzger DVM, MRCVS, Diplomate ABVP, Metzger Animal Hospital, State College, Pennsylvania, USA, Oasia Hotel, Singapore, IDEXX Lab, Sep 22, 2014. Some points are:

1.  Complete blood counts should be included in evaluations of every sick patient (anaemia, inflam disease, platelet disorders, monitoring for trending of data in progression or regression of the sick animal disease), patient with vague signs of diseases, every pre-anaethetic evaluation (get baseline data every couple of years), wellness and geriatric profile, recheck of patients with previous erythrocuyte, leucocyte or thrombocyte abnormalities.  This is seldom done by some vets in Singapore to lower medical costs.

2. Start CBC at one-year of age to get the minimum database as reference.

3. A surgery release/preanaesthetic testing form
4. A cost estimate of CBC  $38, $52, $84 for patients <2 2-7="" 5="" 7="" age="" and="" ask="" by="" client="" do="" health="" income="" increase="" it.="" keep="" low.="" nbsp="" of="" or="" over="" p="" patients="" practice="" preanaesthetic="" price="" questionable="" status.="" test="" to="" with="" years="">5.Trend in the USA. Vaccination income is dropping. Pharmacy income has dropped as clients purchased from the internet. This will happen in Singapore.  Diagnostic income is 2.5 x more than vaccination income, more thanpharmacy income, outpatient services and treatment income, more than surgery income, hospitalisation and dentistry income combined.

6. Untapped profit center. Laboratory. 
Pre-anaethetic testing.  Wellness/preventive screen. Senior care. Monitor long-term meds.

7. Very few dentals are done by vets.

8. Quantative buffy coat analysis, impedance counting analyzers (not wanted in the US, sold to China and other countries), lasercyte and lasercyte DX, IDEXX procyte Dx (best of all)  and sysmex XTV.


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