Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Haematuria - blood in the urine - in a 16-year-old Shih Tzu - penile fracture

Blood in the urine in a male dog - instant diagnosis is urinary stones as this is top of the list in so many cases of haematuria. I got the dog X-rayed today at 9 am.

Practise evidence-based medicine. X-rays are taken to check for radio-dense stones.
Is there something wrong with the kidneys, the kind vet nurse told me. There appears to be a radio-opaque kidney shaped area in the sublumbar region where the kidneys are located.  I kept an open-mind. Certainly, it looked odd.

Yet based on the fact that the dog is eating like a horse, I discounted that "kidney" problem.

I would say that there is the fracture of the os penis. I passed the urinary catheter. No problem passing into the bladder. Urine collected was clear. Still I had to get urinalysis done to check for UTI and stones.

I gave an enema as I believed that this dog could not poop owing to the painful fracture of the os penis. He passed out the stools and should feel better with pain killers and antibiotics.

In a thorough physical examination, I protruded the penis to check for pain and bleeding. The prepuce was swollen but the dog did not feel any pain. Only the penile tip was inflamed dark red.

VIDEO.  Graphic images warning.


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