Saturday, July 19, 2014

1416. An adopted dog sneezes and coughs

July 19, 2014

"This dog is very thin," I examined the male, neutered, 5-year-old Shih Tzu adopted from a humane shelter. He had tearing eyes and runny nose. He was sneezing and coughing and had been like that for the past 7 days. He was a lethargic type, not active at all.

"Has the dog been vaccinated?" I checked his gums and they were pale. His teeth were crusted with tartar. 
"Yes," the wife said. "In June."
"It is only 3 weeks since the vaccination and the dog could have been infected with the kennel cough virus or other germs. A blood test must be done as this dog is very thin."

Two abnormalities.
1 .Low red blood cells, haemoglobin and platelets. This is highly suspicious of tick fever.
2. High urea and low creatinine.

"A dog does not need to show fever to have tick fever," I advised checking for Babesiosis. The owner wanted to wait and see, giving the antibiotics and heart medication first. There was a Grade 3 left mitral valvular disease which may cause coughing.

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