Thursday, July 17, 2014

1413. The old Pom keeps panting for the past 3 days, worrying the owners

I had a case of a Pom with heart disease in 2009. The article is at:

July 18, 2014

This 14-year-old Pom kept panting and panting. So nobody could sleep at night. The owners decided to consult me. 3 years ago, she survived closed pyometra surgery and I had not seen her. But Singapore owners do doctor hop as 3 days ago, a sister took this old Pom to see Vet 1 for a hind leg limping. I checked with Vet 1.  Vet 1 prescribed Tramadol tablets only. No record of panting.

So, this was a recent thing. "5 days of panting and whining,"the brother said.  "3 days on and off panting,"the sister said.

Old dog. Heart disease. Rotten teeth are painful and would be a cause of whining.
I did a physical examination. A Grade 1 (very soft) mitral heart valve murmur or none.

This could be a case of adverse reaction to Tramadol. The dog did drool and lost appetite.
I advised dental extractions some 2 weeks later, after antibiotics, but it is up to the owners.

As at 3rd day after treatment, the owners have no complaints. The dog had not pooped on going home after one day of in-patient treatment but is OK.  No panting.

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