Sunday, July 6, 2014

1402. Myanmar Travel Stories: Visit to the Yangon countryside

July 6, 2014

An hour's drive from Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery, I visited a countryside of farms, saw a brick factory and a chilli sauce factory in Hlegu township, Yangon,Myanmar.

Flooded farms as July is a rainy month. Dry months are from October - January. Not so good lighting for photography.


River boats seen from the Royal Golden View Hotel on July 6, 2014. Looks like there is a need to pump out water from the boats. Are they overloaded or leaking?

 The river is not overflowing on July 7, 2014.  From my hotel restaurant, I can see monks cross the river by boat every morning.


Visited a medical diagnostic lab, Ni Ni, with CT scan, mammography X-ray and many equipment including a combined biochemistry and immunology test machine.  Visited Crown Veterinary Resources, an excellent X-ray and lab facility for vets in Yangon.


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