Thursday, June 12, 2014

Treatment of pyometra for valuable breeders - using uterine irrigation

Jun 12, 2014

Experiences of my associate, a senior vet aged 75 years old who did treat a few cases of pyometra in dogs.

1. Spay is the best solution. Some owners just want antibiotics. After a few cycles, the dog becomes paraplegic and it would be too late even with spay. The dog would die during surgery or not able to stand again. It is believed that the toxins from the pyometra has reached the brain or spinal cord.

2. OPEN PYOMETRA - Midline incision to view passage of the catheters into uterus via vaginal speculum. 2 cathethers via vaginal speculum to 2 uterine horns. Irrigate and flush out the pus. Use of saline and hydrogen peroxide

3. CLOSED PYOMETRA  - Treatment of uterine irrigation as for open pyometra. In one case, the owner of a Pekinese wanted the treatment. The Pekinese got pregnant with one pup at the next cycle.

4. Conclusion. Spay is the cheapest. Blood test and ultrasound needed. Polydipsia is a sign.

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