Thursday, June 19, 2014

Myanmar Travel Stories: Beasts of burdens. Nuns. Buffalo

June 19, 2014  Hotel Bo Bo Min Rm 506

Yesterday, I left Naypyidaw, a sprawling clean capital of Myanmar. I did not get to see the government buildings as there was no time. I visited the Vet University and the Zoo.

Vast open flat lands. Some farmers were using buffalos to plough the fields. A few are threshing rice and the images below show sacks of rice being unloaded near the road side.  

A lot of luck is needed to take remarkable photos. I was having lunch in the "Silver Spoon" Cafe said ro be opened by a Singaporean. I saw robed "graduates" across the road "posing". My friend Shirley told me they were nuns.  Nuns usually wear pink robes and so this group is rarely seen by me in my few visits to Myanmar and in Yangon.

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