Friday, June 13, 2014

Fits due to tooth ache not other reasons

Saturday, Jun 14, 2014

"You know, my Papillon does not have fits," the mother who had to take care of this 14-year-old emaciated dog said to me today. "After you had extracted the rotten teeth, he has no more fits and so I did not give the anti-fits medication."

That was in Jan 12, 2014 when Dr Daniel extracted 12 rotten teeth. The dog was given IV drips, antibiotics and anti-fits medication for 3 days. A blood test was done indicating kidney disorder with high blood urea and creatinine.

She really recovered as the owner said: "My dog was eating the canine K/D diet since the extraction and so I did not give the dogs anti-fits tablets. Now, she cries whenever I carry her. She did not eat for past 3 days and would not move, like being a statute. What to do? Should I put her to sleep?"

"She is in great pain," I said. "Probably kidney pain. It is up to the owner to decide on euthanasia as the dog needs much nursing and time and you would be travelling overseas. Your daughter would not want to nurse this dog. "

There was also no budget for X-rays and other tests and so this was the best I could do, from the blood test.  Brain scan is out of question but was advised by the other vet. The dog was eating well when I followed up on Feb 26, 2014 when the owner came for 5 cans of K/D and antibiotics.

From March to June 14 today, no news from the owner. Probably not well cared for as now the dog is emaciated and in great pain.  

How long can the Papillon live? Much longer than the 14 years if given annual check up such as dental scaling and careful nursing. But many Singaporean owners do not bother with the dog's rotten teeth which pass bacteria to the heart and other organs, causing the dog to live shorter lives.

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