Saturday, June 21, 2014

1386. Stump pyometra in a cat in Yangon. Depo-M pyometra in a cat in Yangon, white lion, lioness, tiger, Naypyitaw Zoological Garden

Jun 20, 2014 Diamond Crown Hotel, Rm 706

Yesterday, an ex-Captain invited me to his office and lunch. He is a very good business man. One of his diversified interest is buying small souvenirs from Singapore and selling them in his 3 retail shops. He had another retail shop printing names of buyers and messages of love on Valentine's Day and they were selling like hot cakes. Real estate and many other interests, sharing his tips with me.

On a visit to Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery, I saw one cat that had stump pyometra after operation. The images are below:


Pyometra develops after Depo-M or other synethetic progesterone injections given to the cat in Yangon to suppress the heat cycle and therefore caterwauling and prevent pregnancy.

Financially, the cost of a spay is approximately equal to 15 injections.  Client Education is nowadays done by the vets to have the cat spayed as the injections or Depo-M or Contracep will lead to pyometra, sometimes after 1 injection, according to some vets I spoke to in June 2014. The cats are given injections IM every 3 monthly.

Dogs are also given such injections as well but some clients such as Boma's owner appreciate that spaying is the better option for the beloved dog. I saw "Boma" at the Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery and asked what "Boma" meant. "Boma" means a very pretty fair-skinned Caucasian woman! See Boma in this image below.


The feline species ovulate only when stimulated. This is called induced ovulation. Stimulation is caused by pain of the backward facing penile barbs when the lion dismount after mating causing pain and inducing ovulation.

 University of Veterinary Science, Yesin, is near Naypyitaw.

Bought 2 paintings from Scotts Market. One is Inle Lake. The other is of elephants said to be Myanmar elephants at work. The Seller has paintings and gems for sale. Bought one "hand-made" longi for a 91-year-old mother of my friend.   

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