Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1377. Territorial disputes of a dog

The 4-year-old Cross-bred bit the child who sat on the sofa. This was the 4th time he bit family members. Two years ago, he bit the owner and I had advised neutering him to reduce his aggression.

"This aggression could have been much reduced if you had neutered this dog 2 years ago," I said to him.  The dog was healthy and should not be put to sleep.
"I was advised not to neuter him," the man in his late 30s said to me as he brought the dog to me for euthanasia. Yesterday, he went to a bigger practice, but the vet rejected his request to put the dog to sleep and told him to come to me instead. SPCA apparently did not want the dog.

There was one option. To house him with Noah's Ark but would they accept this dog? Would this dog stop eating once he was not with this owner as it had happened before. "I am not a good owner," the man said as he spent time with the dog outside the clinic. "My dog is territorial and that was why he bit my nephew."

He would house the dog in Noah's Ark if I would be responsible for all the administrative arrangements. What if the dog bites and kill other people since he had "tasted blood" four times. I declined the heavy responsibility.

Territorial disputes happen in the canine kingdom too as between large countries. Only that the dog is the loser. He decided on euthanasia and later scattered the dog's ashes off the East Coast seas. "This is the only time I can kiss him," the wife planted a kiss on the euthanased dog. This scene reminded me of "Sleeping Beauty". Only that, the dog did not wake up when kissed by "true love",  a person who truly loved him as in the Disney movie "Maleficent" I watched recently.

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