Thursday, April 24, 2014

1357. An old Miniature Schnauzer leaks urine soiling his belly

On Good Friday, this 12-year-old, male Miniature Schnauzer came in the morning. A strong urinary smell. "My dog has not been eating for two days," the owner said. I palpated an enlarged bladder half the size of a mango and diagnosed "bladder being blocked." Dr Daniel told me that he did not think for reasons I don't remember. He inserted a catheter and confirmed "urethral blockage." As he did not tape the catheter, it came out.

The next morning, after breakfast, the owners came to check on the dog when I was exercising him. I brought the dog out and he lifted his back left leg to pee. We waited. No urine at all. The young adult son and daughter were much worried. "Go ahead with the surgery," the mum said. The dog was still lethargic owing to being infected with bacteria in his blood stream and urinary system as confirmed by lab analysis of the blood and urine.

It is always highly risky to operate on such an old dog. That is why the young adult children were worried.
I gave him 2 bottles of IV drip, with amino acids, baytril and spasmogesic on the day before surgery to be done by Dr Daniel. To strengthen him.

I got the dog X-rayed using air-contrast to check for bladder wall tumours as well. No tumours.

"There is no need for surgery as the stones are small," Dr Daniel commented.
"It is possible that the stones can be dissolved by dietary management," I said. "But the owner has to be diligent to monitor and get X-rays and urine tests done. Most Singapore dog owners just don't have the time to do monitoring and testing."

During surgery, the stones were small and gritty and 7 were found. The biggest was 4 mm across. The dog stayed for 5 days and went home able to pee freely.    

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