Sunday, March 16, 2014

Audit of KPI. Spaying a caterwauling Maine Coon 3.6 kg using IM anaesthesia

From my experience, the analgesic effect of the xylazine 0.15 ml and ketamine 0.6 ml IM will last around 30 minutes for a young 3.6 kg Maine Coon. Provided the vet is well organized.

Today Sunday Mar 16, 2014, the Woodlands family brought in the Maine Coon who had been rolling and yelling (caterwauling since 3 days ago). "But she is quiet now," the lady said.

The following are my performance indicators
Inj of xylazine + ketamine   10.13 am
No isoflurane gas
First skin incision  10.26 am
Completion of skin stitching 10.56 am
The cat started moving at around 10.55 am.

The cat was rather plump and I took some time to hook out the ovary as there was abdominal fat in the way of vision and obstruction was caused.
lst ovary hooked   10.34 am after 5 attempts.
2nd ovary hooked 10.41 am from the uterine body area
Uterus being ligated   10.43 am
Abdominal muscles stitched with 3 interrupted sutures  10.47 am 
Skin stitched  10.55 am

Cat started one movement when stitching muscle  10.49 am
Cat started more movements   10.54 am 
Skin stitched 10.56 am

For a 3.6 kg young cat, xylazine + ketamine at 0.15 + 0.6 ml IM in one syringe provides sufficient analgesia for spay provided it can be completed within 43 minutes from start of IM injection. There will be no need for isoflurane gas top up. If the first ovary can be hooked out at the first attempt, the duration of analgesia is more than sufficient for spay. One packet 3/0 absorbable polysorb is sufficient.  Incision length about 1.5 cm long. 2 horizontal mattresses close skin wound.

Dr Sing Kong Yuen

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