Saturday, March 22, 2014

1348. How to succeed as a new employee

Last week, I gave a lecture to 3 young people at my office. Two are young adults named Vanessa, Nicolas and one is a Myanmar employee Nyi Nyi. I asked Vanessa to write a report and this is given as follows:

How to succeed as an employee
1.     You must have a target
To be able to produce positive outcomes
2.     Perfomance
Time equals to money and performance equals revenue
3.     Creating a list
To set a target for yourself that can be achieved in the day itself
4.     Distractions
They come in the form of your phone, computer, customers etc. Try to minimize these distractions so that you can meet your daily target.
5.     Niche
Determine what you are talented in/good at doing/ excel at and further your knowledge/skill of it.
6.     Mindset
Change your mindset to suit your job.

E.g. I don’t like to network but I will do so for the sake of my company and to increase my performance.
7.     Best person to talk to
The best person is definitely not your boss. Talk to your co-workers. E.g. In the healthcare sector, talk to the stall holders in the staff canteen.
In the case of veterinarians, networking during dog shows or SPCA functions. However, it is not practical as a lot of time is wasted. It is slightly more applicable to senior vets.

8.     Added value to the company
Employees should provide timely performances with quick and efficient outcomes. It increases revenue as time is money. Cross-selling is a good method as it shows initiative.
9.     Upscaling
With more initiative, you can start doing your own research through data bases or networks to find clients/candidates or higher value.
10.                        Strong competition in any industry

80% of business = 20% of the employees. Employees must be motivated and be willing to take on hardship in order to succeed in life. 

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