Friday, February 28, 2014

A Ragdoll X had UTI in Oct 2013.

Saturday Mar 1, 2014

Ragdoll X, MN, DOB Nov 12, 2013

This couple in their late 20s or early 30s love this Ragdoll X, bought from a Malay family that has many pedigree cats, producing pretty cross-breds.

"This cat is quite angry today," I said. "So I shall not take his rectal temperature." I asked the husband to talk to the cat and stroke his chin so that I can vaccinate without the cat getting furious.The cat was given the 2nd vaccination.


1. Oct 23, 2013  Stranguria. Dr Daniel Sing sedated, catheterised and treated. Urine test showed pH 6.5, SG 1.049, Protein 3+, Glucose +, Blood 4+, WBC 126, Bacteria+
No crystals. No X-ray done.

I advised C/D x 10 cans and phoned on Jan 9, 2014. "The cat took 1 week to recover," the owner said.
FLUTD? Stress. 4th day after shifting to new house. For the past year, the owners were staying in a friend's house and shifted recently.

2. Today, no more urinary problem. Fed canned food. Will always groom himself after eating.
3. The owner wants to clip him bald (except for head and tail) as hairs fly all over the house.
"Regular brushing will do," I advised.
"The cat grips the brush and runs away," the husband said.
"If the comb is sharp like wire, it will be very painful," I advised buying round-tipped brush and give him his favourite treat while brushing from a small area initially. So, no need to clip bald for life.

4. Vomits around 1x/month. "Could be due to hair ball," I said.
"No hair seen in the vomitus," the wife said.
"Cats are very clean and will groom esp. if shampoo once weekly."
"He grooms after eating rather than the weekly bath."

5. This cat will poop only when the owner returns home at around 9 pm. Some friend's cats do the same.

6. "Nowadays, no more scattering of new litter and peeing a bit of urine on the litter," the husband told me. "He must be checking whether the litter is soiled  or not." 
"Male cats urine spray to mark the litter," I said. "You will note that there will be no more such behaviour after neutering."
The husband agreed as this cat stopped doing after neutering.

Yesterday, I was at Changi Airport and noticed those pink-jacketed customer service counter ladies.
The husband told me that many are from Myanmar, speaking good English and trained by SATS. I thought they were Singaporeans.   Nowadays Singaporeans don't want to work the shifts and weekends and so it is much harder to employ them. "There is a very high turnover with Singaporean employees," the husband said. Singaporeans job hop as there are many jobs available and so Singaporean customer service officers don't stay long in the job. 

Filipinos are hard to recruit too. Times have changed. An "S Pass" applicant must be earning $2400/month nowadays," the husband told me. "Rejection will be given if the salary is $2,200".  I guess Singaporeans must be paid $3,000 and given office hours and no week end roster before they will stay in the job.  

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