Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1336. Myanmar stories: Tonsillolith. Fortune teller's prediction was accurate

Feb 19, 2014

Khin Khin had profuse bleeding in her mouth, with "large clots" coming out while she was in Myanmar for a few weeks to attend to her 92-year-old aged mother's affairs and business. She consulted the famous fortune teller whom I had met in Feb 2014 on a visit to his farm with Khin Khin. "He said not to worry, nothing serious."

I have an open mind. Some people may have the gift of telling the future. In Singapore, the kind-hearted Dr Chan from SGH's Otorlaryngoloy Department examined her early instead of Mar 19, 2014. She was worried about oral cancers growing in her mouth and sought my help to get an earlier appointment. "Nothing to worry about," Dr Chan told her. "If you wish, go for a neck MRI but it is not necessary. You have got a tonsillolith in your right tonsils." That is the diagnosis. For Khin Khin, the explanation was a "stone". A stone in the crypt of the tonsils causing bleeding which has stopped recently.

"Why is it that I can get a tonsil stone?" Khin Khin asked me.

"I don't know," I viewed the image of the tonsils taken by Dr Chan's nasal endoscopy to look for the stones. "Some people get bladder stones or gall bladder stones. I have not heard of anybody getting tonsillar stones. His report says it is on the right tonsil. Did you bleed from the right side of the mouth? "
"Yes," she felt her right mandibular area. "Right side."

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