Monday, February 17, 2014

1334. AUDIT. An old male dog passes blood in the urine

TP XX803  Male, toy poodle, white, not neutered
Feb 17, 2014

"My dog passes blood in the urine at 7 am today. Not eating today too. Very tired looking." the woman said.
"Did he drink a lot?"
"I don't see him drinking but the stools are OK."
I palpated the bladder area. The dog winced in pain. The owner did not want a blood test but gave permission for the urine test and X-rays.

"My dog had a blood test before," she said. I checked the records. The dog had a high total white cell count of 49.2 (6-17) on Sep 8 2013. The complaint was blood in the urine, licking of the penis, diarrhoea and not eating for 2 days. Two years ago, Vet 1 had said that the dog would die under general anaesthesia if dental extracton of the rotten loose teeth was performed. Vet 1 said she was old, had heart disease and so would die on the operating table.

The owner did not do it. The dog had foul breath for the past 2 years and was drooling in this Sep 2013 visit. But drooling was present in the past 2 years too. Regular dental check up from 2 years of age every year would have prevented this situation from developing. Dr Daniel had the loose teeth extracted and the dog was OK as the owner said: "It is the bad teeth causing drooling and the high white cell count!"  Owners are quite sophisticated as regards blood test results.  


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