Sunday, February 9, 2014

1327. Email replies to queries about neutering of a cat

May I ask some details? How long will it take from I bring it in the vet to everything finished? And pre health check? And how long should the cat fasting before and after neuter?

In reply to your above questions, the answers are:
1. The cat is brought to the clinic in the morning and spayed in the afternoon. The cat is not neutered immediately unless there is no consultation at that time.. The time of injection of sedation to completion of spay is around 20-30 minutes. The cat is given time to wake up from anaethesia and goes home at around 6 pm.

2. A pre-health general physical examination is done to check especially the heart, lungs and abdomen.. However no pre-anaethestic blood testing is done for the average normal cat. If the owner wants it done, the cost is $150 for a complete blood test. 

3. Fasting will be no food after 10 pm the night before the operation. After neuter, the cat will be given food the next day.   

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