Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Jan 14, 2014's interesting case - uterine carcinomas?

Maltese, Female, 9 years old.  

"My dog has this dirty brown vaginal discharge for a long time," the busy working lady had no time for veterinary check up. The dog was lethargic 8 days ago when I first checked her. Dripping vaginal discharge. Vulval lips and the area above it were swollen due to licking. I thought it was a case of hyperestrogenism. On abdominal palpation, numerous swollen nodules in the uterine horns of sizes as big as 2 cm x 2 cm.

blood test
low calcium 0.7 (1.5-3.6)
total white cell count is normal at 8.0 (6-17), but neutrophils 91.7% (60-70%),
platelets 63 (200-500)

This appears to be the start of a closed pyometra as the total white cell count is normal.

Multiple lobulated uterine lumps with dirty brown pus + blood.Weighs 200g.The dog weighs 4.2 kg.
No dental is done as the surgery is quite lengthy.

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