Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Audit - TP 17053. Bladder stone surgery outcome

TP 17053. Old client of Dr Sing Kong Yuen since 2005. From Woodlands, Singapore.

White Miniature Schnauzer, F, 6 years. 10kg, 39.3C.
Abandoned but adopted by kind lady in Woodlands.
Appetite good, no vomiting or diarrhoea, incontinent.
Dr Daniel palpated bladder stones on Jan 7, 2014.  Dental scaling done. Bladder stone removal 7 days later.

Blood test  Jan 7, 2014
Total cholesterol  8.03  (3.0 - 6.6)
Triglycerides  0.97 (0.3 - 3.3)
SGPT/ALT 285 (<186 p="">Total white cell count  23.9 (4-15.5)
Neutrophils 97% (60-70%)
Neutrophils Absolute 23.18 (3-11.5)

Urine test  Jan 8, 2014
pH 7, SG 1.008, Protein 2+, Blood 4+, Bacteria +, Crystals Nil

X-rays  2 large brownish yellow bladder stones. Looks very much like struvites in shape and colour

Jan 16, 2014.
Cystotomy. Dr Daniel Sing. Stone analysis being done.
Videoed by Intern Clara. Too gory as bladder was extremely red. .
Domitor 0.28 ml + Ketamine 0.35 ml IV & top up with isoflurane
Isoflurane gas+O2 (C-B)  39 minutes
Trimaxazole & rimadyrl oral

Educational video to be produced by intern.

Jan 21, 2014
The lady owner returned my call at 6.30 pm.
"Everything is OK," she said. "Eat, drink, pee and poop". No more urinary incontinence!"
I advised cleaning of the wound as she had not done so.

Raw footage of my videos.  Intern to edit

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