Sunday, January 12, 2014

1302. The man who buys a sports car for $175,000 for his wife

The man who survived the bike accident and is blessed by the gods came to buy 2 small bags of H/D dry food for his wife's dog ( husband of the story in "Damsel in distress")

A shiny white 2-door BMW 3.55 double exhaust sports car bought with cash at $175,000 in cash. "The Bukit Batok salesman asked me to get a loan as he has lost money since the car is with him for the last 6 months! I told him why not he give me the car free or further discount?"

"The low mileage of 30,000 km in this BMW of 3 years. Is it correct? Could the salesman re-wind the mileage?"

"Not possible in sports cars," he said with an air of authority. "My other Mitsuibishi car can be rewound. I paid Performance Motors to confirm the mileage. They asked if I want a senior or junior technician or a rookie. The senior one charges more and the junior grade is young and knows better!"

What sort of logic is this? Oldies are not up to standard?

"Has it got an accident?" I asked.
"None," he said. "The driver wanted to upgrade to a Maserati and seldom drove this car. I told the salesman I would sue if he misrepresented as accident free. There is the lemon law to protect buyers nowadays! In any case, I had the car inspected by the STA"

So he had a good deal.

"Try not to speed and live longer," I said as he told me that many Singaporeans are not aware of some straight long roads to trash a sports car.. He was nearly 40 years old but he had taken courses in car racing in Johore and knew how to handle this thoroughbred. He is hands-on on sports car mechanics as a specialist of sorts and so he is no ordinary person like a vet who does not know in depth that a sports car must be handled differently from an ordinary car.

"The bumper is very low," I said. "Will the car hit the road humps in car parks like Junction 8? I note that the Audi can't take it."

"Drive in an S-shaped way across instead of directly on the hump," he advised. That is a good tip.
"Sometimes it is not possible in a confined space," I said.

I wish him well and hope the traffic police would not catch him trashing the car. It is not wise to buy a second-hand sports car as it will have been fully trashed on the road.

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