Sunday, January 5, 2014

1289. A prophecy of wealth comes true in the New Year.

"Wealth will flow to those who stayed back for the New Year's prayers and countdown," my hostess said to me. All her guests and family members left before midnight after arriving at 8 pm for the New Year's Eve dinner.

I wondered what she meant. One of her family members had told me that I had no luck after he had bought $12 bets on my behalf for my car number "8131" for the Sunday Dec 28, 2013. That was before the New Year Eve which fell on a Tuesday and the family members do buy 4-D and so I gave $12 to this member who suggested that I buy 4D bet on my car number since I visited my hostess on Sunday Dec 28, 2013 as invited by her. She had wanted some business writing help from me and was free on that day.

4-D bets in Singapore can be purchased on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday and the results come in the next day. So, I could have place a $10 bet on "8131" on Wednesday Jan 1, 2014 after the prayers and countdown on Tuesday. I would have won $10,000 for 2nd prize or $1,000 for a combination bet. Wealth did come to me, but I did not bet as I don't buy 4D at all!  My hostess said she won $15,000.

An incredible but true story of divine blessings. Unfortunately the family member who suggested I could follow up buying the 2nd time also did not buy this number!

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