Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1256, Saving a damsel in distress

Dec 10, 2013

"Many interesting case studies can be broken down into problems and solutions," I said to Intern Clara who had heard all the grass root stories of the Little India riots from my client who came to buy a bag of h/d for his wife's heart disease dog. She had writer's block in writing a good narrative for the Wired Haired Fox Terrier with a lame right fore limb.

"For example, what caused the Little India riots yesterday which was a Sunday? According to the client, it is the driver who drove over the worker and had not shown any concern."

"What's the solution?"
"The authorities want to ban the use of alcohol sales in Little India but he said that these could be purchased elsewhere to consume in Little India.  His solution is for the control of traffic entering this congested road. My solution is to close the road to traffic. He proposed closing to traffic on Sundays."

However, the memorable event was that this gentleman's wife was a 15-year-old young lady in distress some 10 years ago. "She remembered you for helping her Maltese who could not give birth," the gentleman said. "She was lost as she did not know what to do. You did a Caesarean section and saved her puppy."

"Yes, yes, I remember her," I replied. "Her Maltese had difficulty giving birth. She had a big pup. What's happened to the pup?"

"She gave it away. A very intelligent brown and white puppy. She was too young to take care of a puppy at 15 years of age!"

I saw the wife earlier when her other dog came for treatment, but she did not mention about this episode.

I could not recognise her now since she is an adult. 

Many of my old clients have disappeared as there are around 60 vet clinics and proximity will be important to most of them. This couple lived quite far from Toa Payoh and usually I don't have any clientele from that area.

Besides proximity, new attractive expensive renovations of a vet clinic attract the average Singaporean pet owner and Toa Payoh Vets cannot keep up with the new. There will be wear and tear and this clinic, being in existence for over 30 years does not look spring fresh as Spring time despite two renovations.

So I was very happy to have met her earlier after a separation of over 12 years or more and to know she is quite successful in her career, being seconded to freezing winter of 5 deg C in Germany for training now.

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