Monday, December 30, 2013

1281. Urethral obstruction in an old male cat

Rex, male, neutered cat, 11 years. Usually inactive, plump at 8.1 kg. Only active when given treats.
When young kitten, not active. Grouchy towards other cats.

Ate dry food since young

Boarded 6 days. On lst day home, went to cat litter, not much urine seen.
On 2nd day, did not want to eat treats or wet food. Recently tends to eat less dry food.

For next 3 days cannot pee. lethargic, anorexic.

Dec 29, 2013  See Toa Payoh Vets. Mango-sized bladder palpated.
Urethral obstruction first time, after boarding for 6 days  -- FLUTD. Change of environment.
Had not been to boarding for the last 5 years except recently.

Blood test - urea and creatinine very high    urea 119.0 (7-11), creatinine 2321 (71-160).
                 - glucose high     11.8 (3.9-6.0)
                 - total white cell count and neutrophils high, platelets low.

Urine test - glucose negative.
                - bacteria +, protein +, blood +, crystals nil, white blood cells 15, red blood cells >2250,

Dr Daniel had to sedate the old cat called Rex to insert the IV drip and take blood from the jugular vein. With the IV drip and medication, the cat responded well the next day. He sedated  the cat, flush open the urethra, sucked out the urine, irrigated the bladder (Intern Clara to insert video clip - VIDEO 1) 

Both cats were boarded but the 2-year-old male neutered cat is OK.

Dec 31, 2013 is day 3. The owners ( a lady and gentleman in their late 30s) came today. The cat greeted them and her eyes were bright and alert. The
owners commented on the brightness of the eyes (I took an image and video (VIDEO 2),4 pm Dec 31, 2013).

Since the cat was eating,drinking, pooping and peeing as normal
before boarding, this problem would have been avoided if the old cat was not boarded. The couple had to go overseas and the mother could not take care of two cats - this old Rex and the young cat. So both were boarded.

Rex will be warded for 3 more days for antibiotic injections & drips to flush out the toxins from the blood via the bladder. He should recover. No more boarding days as some cats cannot adapt to new environments and develop FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) which has many causes..

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