Saturday, December 21, 2013

1274. Travel Stories: Efes, Turkey

Dec 21, 2013

I visited the of the Virgin Mary and saw this squirrel who was being hand-fed a piece of bread by a person familiar to him. As a young tourist girl from Singapore walked towards him within 0.3 metre  foot, he grabbed the bread and scootered up the tree for safety.

Location plays a great part in getting customers. This stall is located next to the zebra crossing where the tourists, after visiting "Seven Sleepers" site in Efes (Ephesus) will walk to, to wait for their coach. So this stall gets all the business of my tour group buying pomengranate juice while the other 2 competitors on the left are quiet.  

Once in a while, I get a picture I appreciate. The sunlight is good. The modern Japanese or Korean woman faces the same way as the ancient woman or goddess.  Much has changed for the better for women in many countries.

My Turkish tour guide was quite frustrated with the Singaporean tourists who are more interested in taking pictures of the approved 180 street cats than listening to the wonderful history of the old days.  This feline distraction is common with other Asian tourists esp. the young ladies as in this photo of a Japanese or Korean girl eyeing the cat. Usually these cats have their left ear edge snipped or tipped to indicate they are "sterilized".  The cats add colour to dead archeological monuments. I doubt 5% of the Asian tourists are interested in the Ottoman or Roman imperial history.  


Pictures with explanation. My favourite is the one with "sunlight in her hairs"

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