Thursday, December 12, 2013

1260. Video: A blood-shot eyed rabbit. Practising evidence-based medicine


The young rabbit's eye conjunctiva is dark red and swollen. Tears stream down the eye. In my experience, the grossly enlarged upper conjunctiva is cause by vigorous eye rubbing by the rabbit to relieve the pain and irritation. Something had fallen onto the cornea but on superficial examination, there seems to be no eye ulcer or abrasion caused by this foreign object.

The fluorescein eye stain test showed corneal ulcerations to be green. Almost 3/4 of the cornea is green with only the right sided cornea at 2-4 o'clock being clear.

Unfortunately Intern Clara edited and showed a very short clip of less than 2 seconds. She ought to show much more as this will illustrate clearly the evidence. The theme of this video is using evidence to aid in the diagnosis and the Intern must be aware of the theme and whenever possible, expands on this theme.

The raw footage of the green cornea clips is at another video. Goto:   

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