Friday, December 6, 2013

1247. Locked jaw poodle, 15 months - Hyperplastic lymphoid polyps?

Developmental disturbances of the oral lymphoid tissue

1.  Hyplastic lymphoid polyps are composed entirely of lymphoid tissues. Can be found on the gingiva, buccal mucosa, tongue and floor of the mouth

These firm nodular masses are seen on the ventro-lateral sides of the posterior part of the tongue.

2. Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia are also firm nodular masses and found on the posterior part of the tongue at the dorso-ventral aspect. They are part of the lingual tonsil which is one of the largest oral lymphoid aggregate.

The reason for the young poodle locking his jaw is the intense pain due to ulcers below the tongue. What is the cure? Dr Daniel prescribed a repeat of the anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. The aged mother was happier that the dog's behaviour was better - more active and eats more. Not enough to eat normally.

In this case, I asked the young lady to video while the tongue was elevated. "Take some images using the other setting, not directly from the video," I advised.
She ignored my advice as she could take images in the video mode. I would not do it.
To her surprise, her video clip of the underside of the tongue was not available as she had spent more than 60 seconds to video the action while I elevated the tongue. She videoed and took digital images in the video mode contra to my instructions. This is a common trait of the young interns and sometimes they do have better ways of working. But this time, her video clip was gone 99%!.
"It seems to be over-ridden," the slim 16-year-old little woman said.
"It is best to comply with instructions when working under a mentor," I said. "It is fortunate that I had personally videoed the underside of the tongue after you."

As there is more than one way of filming, she would open up the LCD screen and flip to the left side to film on manual mode. I would not flip it sideways but view directly as it is, positioned below the view finder.  I would use the viewfinder, set to Auto focus and see the right beam spotted on the subject's eye or spot. She would view the subject from the LCD and so could not get sharp focus on specific body parts.

I accept that the younger generation has minds of their own but many learn from mistakes and it is sometimes costly to the operations of the business letting them learn from mistakes, re-inventing the wheel when they could have sought advices from the oldies or spent time doing lots of research.   

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