Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1236. Edited video "A Golden Retriever is lame"


An active 8-month-old male Golden Retriever had a painful left shoulder 3 weeks ago. He is examined for lameness again. There are 2 processes: 1. walking and trotting. 2. Joint manipulation of flexion, extension, abduction and adduction shown in this edited video. There are loud "clicks" heard from the left shoulder joint manipulation. There appeared to be pain seen from the right shoulder joint briefly when the dog reacted. The right knee joint was stiff. Overall, the dog was slightly lame in the front limbs. X-rays of the left shoulder joint is advised to confirm subluxation.

Dec 4, 2013  Videography and video production is part of hands-on experience for interns Daniel Low and Clara Chua at Toa Payoh Vets

TIPS for interns
1.  No music should be in a video with narration as it is distracting as the vet is discussing the case to educate vet students and there is somebody singing in the background.
2.  Copyright violation issues with songs, leading the video being deleled by YouTube. The whole site is suspended if there are 3 violations effecting erasing the hard work of other interns.
3.  Interns to review final video meticulously before submission to me. This is to save time.
4.  The younger generation of Singaporeans in general is well educated but many do not do work as directed by me, resulting in much time wasted in re-ediring the video. For example, I specified no songs to be inserted and yet there is a song "Don't worry, Be Happy" after I uploaded this video. This is copyright violation and now the whole video has to be edited again. Much precious time had been wasted.

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