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1231. Book - Web Copy That Sells - online videos creation, marketing

Web Copy That Sells - 2nd edition, 2009, Maria Veloso

Chap 10. Web Copywriting in the age of web 2.0
Social bookmarking sites
Social networking sites
Authority sites
Guidelines for writing copy for dissemination in social media
Marketing via online videos
How to create an oline video that drives massive traffic to your website
How to optimise your video for search engine purposes
Uploading yur video
Resources for creating your video
Online marketing with audio

Marketing via online videos
How to create an oline video that drives massive traffic to your website
How to optimise your video for search engine purposes
Uploading yur video
Resources for creating your video

Online video-watching encompassed >46% of all broadband traffic
The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes on YouTube videos/visit
Over 52% of web traffic consists of video content
70% of all U.S-based Internet uses watched videos on the Internet in Mar 2007 (Source: The New York Times).

Because of the popularity of online videos, the search engines now crawl video sites every few minutes looking for videos. Video links and clips often show up in Google, Yahoo! and MSN search results even before other types of content do, sometimes in a few minutes after a video is uploaded.

Nov 30, 2013, search on  "hamster tumour vet singapore"
3720 results shown. Top 5 results are:

Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled.

  1. Video 1. Anaesthesia & Surgery of the dwarf hamster at Toa Payoh Vets. A large 3-g skin tumour

    Many Singaporean hamster owners believe that the hamster will definitely die if the vet operates to remove its tumour. Some vets ...
    • HD
  2. Hamster with tumour at the hip

    Hamster with tumour at the hip is removed. Early detection and removal is best for the hamsters. Toa Payoh Vets' giving back to
    • HD
  3. Video 4: Anaesthesia & Surgery of a Dwarf Hamster at Toa Payoh Vets

    The procedures and process in the anaesthesia and electro-surgical removal of a 3-gram skin tumour, 10% of the body weight of ...
    • HD
  4. A roborovski hamster has 2 large tumours below the body

    Case TP 44770. Neepy the male hamster, 2 years A "Be Kind To Pets" veterinary educational video teaching vet students how to ...
    • NEW
    • HD
  5. Kids Party Singapore - Battery Cars for Kids by Singapore Toy Club

    View more: Super Cars for kids party! There is less of it but no less to it!
    • HD

YouTube has been hailed as the advertising medium of the future by Leo Burnett, one of the world's biggest advertising agencies. The viral, interactive and community-led nature of You Tube makes it the ideal platform for advertising and marketing.

The average age of video uploaders in 26.57 years, but viewers are those who have Internet access -  all ages and demographics, except perhaps senior citizens over the age of 76 and children under the age of 12

The high search engine rankings that online videos produces (as a result of keyword loading) can drive to the commercial website where they can make a proper sales presentation. If you don't have the time, budget, expertise or resources to create an internet video, the book has resources to enable the reader to create a video for a little as a few hundred dollars.



1. Limit the length. Not more than 3-4 minutes long according to tests done by Google Video ( Views pay attaention for 7-15 seconds before deciding to click away. You have a 7-15 second to grab their attention to get them to continue watching to the end. The words that are spoken or displayed on the screen (ie. the script or the copy) are the glue that binds the music and audio together as a whole.

2. Use inexpensive "rough-around-the-edges" production. Consumer-generated videos make a powerful commercial impact as viewers are bombarded with an average of 3,500 commercial per day and don't want to watch professionally produced videos. Unless they are cleverly disguised as if produced by amateur video buffs. Improvised acting, script that uses natural language, deliberately sloppy camera moves and poor production.

3. Entertain, inspire, shock or teach them - or make them laugh. Viewers are likely to be sold if you do that. How-to videos, funny videos and videos that explode a myth  are a few avenues for advertising a product or service via video.

2 excellent examples
1. "The Secret" Exposed - Is the law of attraction a hoax? ( challenged prevailing beliefs, sold out entire first print run of 5,000 copies.

2. Chemicals in McDonald's burgers which therefore don't go bad --->1 million views,  leads to website on health, nutrition and longevity and generate $29,950/m membership revenue for website 

4. Drive them to your website or sales page in the proper frame of mind. It is the task of the website or sales page to do the selling.

5. Embed your URL strategically. Advice: Your URL is emb edded in all the video's frames (all your video stills) not just one.

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