Friday, November 22, 2013

1204. Video imaging software for interns - Video Studio Ultimate X6 and the younger generation

I purchase Corel Video Studio Ultimate X6 from Funan Centre for an intern to use as the Windows Movie Maker (free in Windows 8) lack many features. It is distributed by GranTech Systems Pte Ltd, tel 6283 7770.

Before the purchase, I asked her (completed her 'O' levels) to research for "best editing video software" in google. She suggested "good editing video software." I cannot understand why but it seems many younger generation do make alternative suggestions and it is a different generational mindset.

When I instruct the younger generation to do adopt a process or procedure, I need to "double-check" to ensure compliance as many don't do as instructed. It is as if they know better or have a better way of doing things.  It is time consuming and does not generate trust between senior managers and new hires as work instructions and standard operating procedures may be ignored.

The young may be well educated but they must learn to follow to gain the experience of battle-tested veterans in a competitive global business. 

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