Saturday, November 16, 2013

1177. Stray cat activists - Sunday's interesting case

Sunday Nov 17, 2013

The woman in her 50s feed stray cats. Somebody sponsored the food. She brought in one male, neutered black and white cat with generalised ringworm. "Two other stray cats were very ill but they recovered on their own!"

For this stray cat, she said: "Your assistant said he was a female in Jun 2013 when she was warded at your place for 7 days, clipped and given anti-ringworm tablets for 7 days. She recovered fully" .

"She is a male," I showed her the protruded male organ. According to the medical records, it stated he was a male neutered 3 year old and so I did not want to correct her. Stray cat activists get confused with too many strays sending to the vet with least costs.

"The cat scratched me when I sprayed her with a spray bought from the pet shop (to treat the generalilsed ringworm," she said. "Just give an injection as last time."

"Last time, the cat was sedated with injection. There was no inection for ringworm. Tablets and washes are the treatment."

For economy reasons, I recommended a pill popper to administer the anti-fungal tablets and wrap the cat in towel tightly to prevent scratching. She still has half a bottle of shampoo from Jun 2013.

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