Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1162. Kidney stones are rare in dogs

Silkie Terrier, F, spayed, 13 years
Fed dry food + bread since 5 years of age (adopted from another owner who migrated).

2 days ago, presented with vomiting and diarrhoea. I treated and advised blood tests and X-rays if the symptoms persisted. The dog came back yesterday, "dying" according to Dr Daniel who got the X-ray and blood tests done.

A rare case of kidney stones in 2 kidneys. Dogs usually suffer from bladder stones. No urine tests done. 

Blood urea and creatinine are extremely high. The dog vomits dark brown fluid in the crate and has heavy abdominal breathing as at 11.14 am Nov 13, 2013 when the lady owner came to visit as I phoned her to say that the dog was suffering in pain and was on the last leg of his life. The dog vomited white froth on the reception room floor.

The owner will bring home for today and had decided on euthanasia later in the day.

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