Monday, November 4, 2013

1148. Management chat with vet assistant

I had another chat with my assistant about his work performance and attitude. The young people brought up in a stable affluent background with no worries of hunger behaves much differently from the older generation that has to strive for bread. So, the manager needs to talk one-on-one with them.

"When you were in University, would you do what your Professor wants or do what you like?" I asked Niang. "If you do what you want, you will just fail in your examinations and will not graduate. Now, you work. The employer asks you to do something urgent. You ignore and do your own task first. Is that being smart?"

"When an employee gets scolding to improve on mistakes, it is a good thing," I said to him. "If he is not scolded, this means the employer is waiting for a replacement."

"Have you met the Filipino workers?" I asked. He nodded. "They are usually very happy to provide service. They are happy to get a job and they are really happy to provide the service. Most vet clinics employ Filipino vet assistants as they are happier and can speak good English. I have employed 2 other Myanmar vet assistants and they have found better jobs after the contract. Other vets want them as they have the experience."

Management talks have to be given now and then as regards hospitalisation records and process to maintain a high standard of care. Sacking and hiring new staff is not my management style. There is no other way but to keep teaching the young ones till they understand one day, the realities of intense competition in business and that standards of care must be high and perceived and seen to be high.                  

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