Saturday, October 19, 2013

Embezzlement tales

Travelling broadens your mind if you do talk to the others or listen to stories of experiences. For example, tales of embezzlement are:

1.  The partner of this Chinese Restaurant was sacked for dipping his hand into the cash register. He opened a restaurant down the road. Our tour guide switched to him. "He actually told you he stole money from his partners' business?" I asked him as he was narrating this story to us. "The previous place will close down soon."

Heavy reliance on a working partner who embezzles is what happens to most businesses. Best to keep your own money and not invest if you are not working or having a proper accounting system. Even then, the partner can still take cash without giving receipts.

2.  I met a 60-year-old American sales person at the Williamsport's Wegans. He was friendly and I asked why he still worked as a retiree. He told me he had to work because the stock broker embezzled all his savings. "How much?" I asked. him. "$250,000".  He was a medic during the Vietnam War but he was posted to Korea. "Many medics were killed," he told me. Yet he was killed by embezzlement in his autumn years. He did blame President Bush for some reasons I did not ask.
Many Singaporeans have lost money in shares of well known branded US companies.

So, it is hard for the common man to place his savings in stocks and shares, hoping to beat inflation. Property bubbles are also not safe for the younger ones. 

3. A Singapore vet started a practice in China. His groomer and probably others "embezzled" and he had to close the practice.

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