Friday, October 25, 2013

The vet's bichon frise has difficulty in urination


1.  Timeline

A bichon frise puppy was purchased by a young vet student studying in Murdoch University
5 years of stay in Perth. Dry food convenient.

SINGAPORE. Back. Now the young vet student has graduated. 
Dry dog food. Lots of treats from family members. Go outdoors in the evening and mornings. urine marking.

2013 October. 22.  Cannot pee. Obstructed

Oct 25, 2013 video
Bichon frise, male, neutered, 7 years
difficulty in peeing
obstruction of urethra - vet catherised and bandaged to hold cathether. E-collar to prevent the dog from pulling the catheter out.

Lateral view shows two urinary stones. Kidneys OK.
Ventral dorsal view - no stones visible
Syringed 20 ml air into bladder via catheter.
Different vets have their own views for and against this procedure. Pumping air may cause bacterial infection of the bladder and so two vets I spoke to don't want to do it.

My view is that air contrast radiography is useful to show bladder wall tumours as this is an older dog. Urine of this dog has bacteria. Antibiotic is given


Any breed of dog can be affected but the following breeds are likely to be affected

Urinalysis   pH alkaline  bacteria +    triple phosphate crystals

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