Monday, October 28, 2013

1135. Travel story. Purchase of a How-To You Tube book in New York

On my last day at New York, I did not want to go to the top floor of Rockerfeller Centre where I can see the panaromic view of the city at "The Rock". I had only 2 hours before going to the airport to go back to Singapore. So I took off to Barnes and Nobles nearby. It is a small 2-level store with basement and does not sell veterinary books or even "The Pill Book for the Dog and Cat owner".The employee checked her computer and said that she would order from Ohio. I had bought "The Pill Book" for human beings earlier at a supermarket where the tour guide took us to. There was "Medi-Sleep" which he recommended for those who can't sleep. It contains 50 mg diphenylhydramine which is for cough mixture.

I had no time to visit another Barnes and Noble 30 blocks away which was half an hour's walk. I bought a "How to You Tube book" and went back to the tour group at 4.30 pm to go to the airport for home to Singapore.  It is a pity that I did not know the Public Library of New York is at 5th Avenue too and so did not visit it. The tour group leader was giving what the Singaporean tourists want - the malls of 5th Avenue and said nothing about the book stores or libraries. So we all went on our materialistic ways to one side of 5th Avenue where the upscale shops are. The other side is where the bookstores and Public Library are and the tour guide did not mention this. He simply stated that the other side had no upscale shops.  It is like Ion Shopping Centre in Singapore's Orchard Road with upscale shops. Don't go to Plaza Singapura side as the tourists will see "nothing" of interest. The National Library will be at that dull side.        

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