Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1196. Travel stories from Montreal

Oct 16, 2013
Delta East Toronto Hotel Rm 303

Will be going to the Niagara Falls today. Left Sheraton Hotel near Montreal Airport yesterday after staying 2 nights.
For one 60-year-old widow, it was 2 nights of pain as she had to walk at least 200 strides to the receptionist to and fro. The 200 strides are mine with full leg extension. My room is around 180 strides.  It was most stressful for her and we cursed the agent for not being caring. But he was also unaware and offered to change the room the next night. I noticed that packaged tour companies who don't know how to negotiate, get the ground-floor rooms for their Singapore guests, facing the highway or road level.

"I will not live long," the disabled traveller told me. Her SGH specialist had told her that her knee pain is due to old age. So she took many Pannadols up to 8 per day. Her right eye popped out 7 years ago when she fell and she was blind for 25 days. The right eye had a corneal transplant and she had to take cyclosporin tablets twice a day for the past 7 years  

1000 Islands homes for the film stars

Nearest to the USA. Most popular with the mega rich.

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