Sunday, October 13, 2013

1188. Adding value to your customer service - "Harvard University educated" tourist group

Oct 13, 2013

Holiday Inn Express Quebec City (Sainte-Foy) Room 201

Visited Harvard University's Admin campus. There are chairs for the group travellers to take a group photo with the buidling in the background, creating a memory of having been to "Harvard". Unfortunately my tour guide did not do this. Each tour guide has his or her personal handling of the packaged tour. I think it is an excellent idea for the Singaporean tourists who will never meet again.  This will be what I mean as adding "value" to your service. 

The Harvard Shop we visited must be the most productive as it is a small shop of around 300 sq ft, managed by one salesperson. A young Singaporean lady said that the Facebook "likes" for a 10% discount when shown in the mobile phone was not operational. For most tourists, they are older and not able to do it. This is a good marketing method using multi-media.

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