Friday, October 4, 2013

1179. Two grandmothers' burden

Yesterday Saturday, Oct 4, 2023, one grandmother showed me her mobile phone image of a backside wound of the 14-year-old Retriever X and requested some medicine as the wound was so smelly and she did not want to spend money on treatment. Her 2 adult daughters had wanted her to get the dog treated but she would be the caregiver.

"The maggots tunnel deep into the muscles," I said. "Antibiotics will not remove them. They need to be taken out by a person!".  I gave her the dog transport man's phone number and the dog was treated.

The other grandmother who had silver hair and is slim had her Sheltie sent in for maggot wounds which had eaten up over 10cm x 5 cm of the peri-anal skin. She had a grandson to look after as her daughter had divorced the abusive husband. "He even hit her when she was pregnant but luckily, there was no miscarriage!"   At 70 years of age, she had much responsibilities to care for her grandchildren and the dog too.    

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