Thursday, October 31, 2013

1141. A 16-year-old cat stops eating and hides from the family member yesterday

Oct 31, 2013

TP 43110

I treated this reddish brown Persian cat, 15 years old, emaciated at 1.7 kg on Jan 24, 2012 (2nd day of Chinese New Year). Temp at 38 deg C. Severely dehydrated, cysts on both sides of the tongue, drooling, mouth ulcers, black molars. Anaemic. She had been wandering outdoors and drank pond water. This cat needed grooming too. The mother did not want blood test.

"You said my cat will not live long," the mother told me today. "We fed her a few times a day and now she is still 22 months later! But she stopped eating yesterday and hides in a corner as if she is going to die. Do cats about to die behave this way? The other younger cat is now inactive too."

I asked the mother to send the cat in the afternoon instead of waiting till the evening.
Apparently the cat lost weight 2 weeks ago and is now 1.7 kg. But the rectal temp is low at 36.3C. Blood test was taken this time. No more cysts beside the tongue. Gums were pinker.  The mother did not want X-rays to check for abdominal tumours

At 7.30 pm, I had a long telephone chat with her on the cat management. Actually this cat had been drinking a lot of water and had been peeing a lot (3 areas of litter instead of usual 1 time. Yet on first consultation today, the daughter said No PD/PU to Dr Daniel who had examined the cat earlier as I was out.

I discovered the son's insisted Royal Canine Fit dry food had a protein % of 32%. Too much protein for a 16 year old cat.  Will this cat live? It is hard to predict. Wait for blood test results. 

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