Saturday, October 26, 2013

1130. Retained abdominal testicle in cats

I seldom see such cases. It appeared to be common when I spoke to two young vets at other practices.

1. Vet 1 has many stray cats brought in for sterilisation by activists. "Very common," she said. "Do you hook out the testicle inside the abdomen" I asked.
"No, the vas deferens may be ruptured."

2. Vet 2 saw her 2nd case as she consulted me.. 
"Just open up the abdomen and the smaller retained testicle is lying near the bladder area," I said.
"I watched a video where a hook is used to pull out the testicle," she told me.
"It is theoretically possible as in a spay, but I have not done it."
"How many cats have you seen?"
"This is the 2nd one."
"What did you do for the first one?" I asked.
"It was rejected as my senior vet asked me not to do it."
"Are you sure it is not the same cat?" I asked as I thought this was a rare condition in cats.
"It was a domestic shorthair and the present one is a Persian."
I would like to video this case if possible.

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