Friday, October 25, 2013

1126. Protected by "Ah Pek"

On my return to Singapore on Oct 24, 2013, after a tiring 14-day packaged tour to visit the Niagara Falls and New York, my first client was the man who believes in "Ah Pek".  He parked his shiny blue car and came in to buy the 2nd bag of H/D dry food for his 10-year-old Chihuahua with heart disease.

"How's the old dog?" I asked.
"Much more active and energetic," he had given the furosemide tablets regularly nowadays.
He had just returned from Thailand and had donated some money for 30 coffins for the poor. I introduced him to Dr Daniel to open his mind. I asked him to relate his personal stories of "Ah Pek", such stories being unbelievable as compared to hard science, facts and empirical evidence of training of Dr Daniel. I had written some of his encounters in an earlier report.

He was an excellent story teller using hands to illustrate and Hokkien slangs to emphasize his experiences and spoke for over 15 minutes. I doubt Dr Daniel believed in his testimonials of being protected by "Ah Pek" and so I switched his focus to talking about Porsches, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and BMWs, a subject of interest to young men particularly. This was his niche as he was into advising rich car owners who want to buy those sports cars, boost them, modify them and race them in Johor. He was a sports car consultant as he had in-depth knowledge and was owning one Japanese brand modified to give off those "voom" sounds from the exhaust pipe and attracting LTA and Traffic Police cops on bikes.

There were 2 instances when the green paper given by his medium protected him. He would have to burn the paper, mix the ashes with water and drink it.
1. After a severe bike accident in Bugis in which his forehead hit the road, his doctor had told him that his head needed to be opened up to access and repair his fractured facial bones below both his eyes. He asked his friend to consult the medium and was given the green paper with its chops and was asked to drink the ashes.
"Bro," he said to Dr Daniel. "In the early hours of the morning on the day of the surgery, I was asleep in the hospital. I heard loud foot-steps outside my room, as if there was dragging of chains. I closed my eyes tightly and prayed that my brain would not be opened up for the surgery. After the surgery, the doctor told me that I did not need my forehead to be cut open and my facial fractures were repaired!"
Since he was normal now, I don't know whether Dr Daniel was skeptical or believed in him.
"Bro," he said to Dr Daniel. "My chest was injured and I was coughing blood often. After drinking the green paper ashes, there was no more blood. Just unbelievable." We did not comment. It is hard for Singapore mediums to validate and have great credentials as there is no research done unlike some counterparts in the Western world as in an example of Debra Martin at

2. The other instance where the green paper ashes protected him was when he passed the driving test despite hitting the kerb. In Singapore, hitting the kerb means instant failure."
"Why?" I asked as I took my driving lessons and tests in the UK.
"f you hit the kerb, that eans you can kill people too!"

"Bro," he said to Dr Daniel. "The medium had told me that I would pass the test and now I hit the kerb. The instructor stopped the car and had some discussions with someone. Get on with it and tell me I have failed instead! I want to rush out to book another test. The instructor returned and said I should continue driving and passed me."

I doubted Dr Daniel believe his "Ah Pek" story although he did not say anything. Communication with the spirit world is extremely hard for many to believe. He seemed quite consistent in his recounting of his accident experiences with "Ah Pek" I had written some time ago.
The one instant he narrated about "Ah Pek" protecting him from being caught for speeding at Mandai Road was incredible.
"Bro," he said to Dr Daniel.
"Do you know the stretch of Mandai Road where it goes uphill? When your car speeds and goes downhill, the traffic cops would point their speed meter and book you as you can't see them!"
"How does Ah Pek help?" I asked.
"My heart became hotter and hotter and so I slowed down. The cops were downhill!"   

My report does not do justification for his narration, his tones, gestures and use of Hokkien slangs to emphasize the points. His stories of survival from accidents are just incredible, as if there is a guardian angel healing him fast. Many of such incidents have no scientific explanations.  




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