Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Add value to yourself and bring joy to friends - Flowers Are A Dancer's Best Friend

I note that there are young Singaporeans who spend lots of time on computer gaming, the facebook or on their mobile phones. Too much of younger days is wasted. As an employee, many of them don't know the  finer art of digital photography which will add value to their profession and to bring joys to friends and families. They have the mobile phone but the quality of images are not up to standard.

The library is stocked full of excellent photography magazines and books teaching you how to create excellent images. Get a digital SLR and take time to learn while you are still young and not burdened with parenthood and mortgages.

An example of joys of this dancer's friends when she received flowers is shown in the 2 images below. I happen to stand on the stair case of the Kallang Theatre and zoomed onto this scene, focused within a split second and captured the joys of the dancer's friends.

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