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1169. Incredible Singapore stories - "Ah Pek"

Monday Sep 30, 2013

This is the 2nd incredible story I hear from one of my clients. The first was regarding drops of blood appeared out of thin air onto the glass table top, fore-head and clothing when one of my clients, a successful businesswoman asked me to help her in the placement of design for her new company logo. 

Today, my client in his 40s, of medium height and solid build works in a logistic firm. He came to buy medication for his old dog having serious coughing. The dog would not cough if he was given this medication.  This Indian man was an excellent story teller spinning an incredible tale of "Ah Pek" which I saw on the dashboard of his 5-year-old shiny Subaru sportscar, immaculate polished shiny with wheel rims very clean, just like a new car.  

"How come you have the figures of two "Ah Peks" glued onto your dashboard?" I noted one Ah Pek wore white and one wore black robes. Both had long black beards and wore hats. The colours had faded to silvery and blue respectively. I must confess ignorance of this Chinese belief of "Ah Peks". According to him, "Ah Peks" ranked 2nd and below were 5 dieties including the monkey god. Above them was another level and the 4th tier was the Judge.  

The client said: "On a rainy day, a lady dashed across the road. I braked my bike and my whole face hit the road as I swerved to avoid this lady. I was in intensive care with tubes into my mouth. I had head and facial fractures. I vomited blood daily as I had internal injuries. The doctor said that he needed to open my skull to operate and remove my injured left eye.

"Those are serious injuries," I said. "Yet you look normal today."
"I was lying in the hospital bed and I asked my friend to ask 'Ah Pek' to help me before the operation.

He gave me a piece of paper blessed by the Ah Pek to put under my pillow.
 I did not interrupt his narrative but I had no reason to doubt his integrity of the events happening to him personally. He was seriously ill and the doctor had given him a poor prognosis for recovery.

He continued: "At night, 'Ah Pek' came to the hospital."
"You really saw him?"
"No, at night,  I heard the dragging of chains of somebody walking into my room. The next day, when I came out from the operating table, there was no skull operation. Two titanium plates are now fixed on either side of my nose but you don't see it. My left eye was OK as I have normal vision."

Certainly this was a tall tale.

"I offered my thanks to Ah Peks via my friend at a medium's house."

"Where's the house? Is it an HDB apartment as I had seen some of such places of worship."
"In Woodlands," he mentioned a place which believers would know.
"Did you have to pay money to the medium?"
"No, just two bottles of beer and fruits," he replied. "The lady who dashed across the road had only a small wound on her right arm. She was quite plump and I guessed she had been cushioned."

He had another tall tale. After the bike accident which nearly snuffed out his life, he decided to drive a car.  He failed his driving test for 6 times. So he sought the help of "Ah Peks" via his Chinese friend who translated the "Hokkien" speech from the medium. "The Hokkien is too cheem (of a high standard) for me."

"I was given a green piece of paper which I had to drink part of it and to smear on my face." 
"Just a green piece of paper? What type of paper is it?" I asked.
"The green paper had signature and chop on it" he said. "One has to believe and I did accordingly. The driving test was in Circuit One at Ubi."

To me, I do not know why Circut One is so fearsome as I took my driving test in the UK. "What's so fearsome about Circuit One?" I wondered but did not interrupt his story telling.
"I hit the kerb during the test," he told me. "The tester would usually fail the driver. Hitting the kerb is like hitting a person's leg. So, I should fail. But the tester did not inform me immediately. He was having a discussion with somebody. I was waiting nervously. Just tell me I had failed so that I can book for another test. The waiting was terrible."

"Why did you hit the kerb?" I asked.
"Circuit One has a road full of bends and if the driver hits the kerb, he or she fails. No mercy from the tester."I was thinking that "Ah Peks" had failed him this time. According to him, the Ah Pek in white extends life and the one in black takes away a person's life.

"After some time, the tester told me I had passed!"
It is hard for me to believe that this is because of "Ah Pek's" blessings.

Another story he told me as that he had been advised to "Ah Pek" to drive fast as he tended to be collided often when he drove slowly. 
"Once I sped along the straight stretch of Mandai Road. At one end, I saw a motorist being booked before me. Then I sped back to the other end. Another motorist was booked before me."
This sounded too hard to believe. Twice not being caught as if he had a protective order. He had a mat blessed by Ah Pek inside his car to protect him when he drove in Malaysia.
"Speeding can kill people," I said to him.
"I don't do it often."

This was the most incredible of his stories. "During my brash younger days, I purposely peed onto the broken idols discarded near a tree," he told me. "The next day, my right arm burst out with big swellings as big as a 5-cent coin. All over the arm. No itchiness. No pain. The doctors could not diagnose what's wrong and hence they could not prescribe a cure."

I thought it was urticarial weals but it happened only on his right arm and no other parts of his body.
"Well, I asked my friend for help. He consulted the medium. I went to the idols to ask for forgiveness and offer them some fruits and food. The next day, all my skin swellings disappear. My experience illustrates than we must respect the religions of others."

"What type of Gods were they?" I had to ask as I had read of a similar incident in a book called "32 true stories of Ghosts and Spirits & Gods Plus Questions & Answers on the paranormal" by Andrew Tan Chee Khoon, born in 1939.

"Guan Yin (The Goddess of Mercy), the Judge and others, like those you see under a tree in some places."

"Yes, I have seen them and  I don't disturb them."

He narrated an incident which I cannot recall when the cleaner told him that his face is all black.
"What do you mean 'black'?" I asked him. He has dark complexion because he is Indian, more towards dark brown.
"Very black, the colour of black"
"Like Kiwi black shoe polish?" I asked.
"Yes. Yes."
After he made some apologies to the dieties, the cleaner said his face was back to normal colour.

A clientj with a Yorkshire Terrier had come to the clinic and so I could not talk further.

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